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Workbook Radio

Jun 4, 2023

Brian Carlson is photographer and filmmaker with over a decade of experience and a passion for storytelling. On this episode, Brian talks about his time in Africa and how it's shaped him both professionally and personally, as well as his fascination of subcultures which has led him from carnivals to lawnmower racing.

View Brian's work here.

About Brian:

I'm a photographer and filmmaker with a passion for storytelling, it's that simple. With over a decade of experience, I bring a warm and engaging approach to my work, capturing moments and creating narratives that resonate with audiences. Through extensive travel, I've developed a deep empathy and understanding of people from all walks of life, which is reflected in my photography and films.

Whether leading large crews, working solo, or behind the scenes, I'm comfortable in any setting and always deliver exceptional results. When not working, I find rejuvenation in nature, a good book, or spending time in my modest garden. I value meaningful conversations and cherish time with my wife and three boys, who are the pride and joy of my life. With a focus on honesty and authenticity, I'm dedicated to crafting stories that make a lasting impact and connect with people on a deeper level.