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Workbook Radio

Apr 15, 2023

As a Chicago-based photographer and filmmaker, Alex Garcia excels in crafting storytelling moments for brands and organizations that are both candid and intimate. On this episode, Alex talks about his process of connecting with his subjects and his mission to be a bridge connecting communities in both his personal and professional work. 
About Alex Garcia:
As a Midwest/Chicago-based photographer and filmmaker, Alex Garcia is steeped in the art of crafting "real people" storytelling moments for brands and organizations that are emotional, candid and real. 

With a background as a photojournalist, he learned through thousands of assignments how to bring out the best in a wide range of real people and situations. His creative work has won many national and international awards, including team awards such as a Titanium Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and a Pulitzer Prize.  

His company Three Story Media specializes in authentic storytelling, scaling up productions depending on scope and complexity of client needs.  

Fluent in Spanish and of Cuban descent, Alex produces photography workshops to Cuba where he curates photographic experiences for creatives interested in exploring the culture and building bridges to the isolated island. 

More information can be found at Alex is represented by the Gren Group.