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Workbook Radio

Mar 21, 2023

On this episode, Photographer/Director John Fedele talks to us about pivoting from Art Director to Commercial Photographer, his new work with Staples, his new rep, and looking ahead at the advertising landscape.
About John Fedele:
"I'm a photographer & director based in the Midwest shooting still and motion lifestyle imagery anywhere my projects take me. My work focuses on the ordinary moments in life and elevates them into something soulful with a modern twist. I bring a friendly, positive vibe to every set putting everyone at ease resulting in an environment perfect for creating and shooting natural moments. It's about energy, fun and doing whatever it takes to capture a great shot. My projects are a team effort with production resources across North America so no matter shooting in a remote location, a major city or anywhere in between, you're in good hands and we're going to create some stellar imagery together. If it feels less like work and more like play then we're doing it right. Crank up the music and let's shoot!"
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