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Workbook Radio

Aug 19, 2022

On this episode, Stephen finishes discussing the Nick Cave: Forothermore exhibit at MCA Chicago, then shifts gears to discuss the reimagined Who's Hungry Magazine, his new project Images for Artisans, and more. 

About Stephen:

Stephen Hamilton is a food and beverage director and photographer whose work has appeared almost everywhere you see images of food—on television, in national magazines and cookbooks, on packaging, and across seven seasons of Bravo TV’s Top Chef (as well as appearing as a guest judge on Top Chef Masters). Stephen built his career showcasing ingredients in all their organic, beautiful reality. His natural lighting style and tight taste appeal let food’s honest, fresh allure speak for itself.

Drips, pours, crumbs, bites — flaws aren’t necessarily flaws. Less is more in terms of styling; more is more in terms of exploration. Stephen brings a visual feast to life by taking an integrated, sensory approach to his subjects. This holistic perspective has garnered the attention of numerous agencies, international food companies, and restaurants. His work has won numerous awards over the years, including top honors for his “food porn” series at Graphis International, with seven images featured.

In recent years, Stephen has grown his photography business into a full-service production company. Stephen Hamilton combines his talents with those of an on-staff producer and editor as well as a roster of skilled photographers. Flexible, generous studio space accommodates multiple simultaneous shoots, offering clients start-to-finish capabilities from pre-production to in-house retouching.

For more on Stephen, visit: 
and @Stephenhamiltonproductions on Facebook and IG